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Friday, November 20, 2009

Hedley - Don't Talk To Strangers

"My mama said don't talk to strangers"

Easily the most successful thing to come out of Canada's now-defunct version of the Idol franchise, Hedley is a punk-pop band with a lot of radio appeal. I've written about them several times already. I'm a huge fan of lead singer Jacob Hoggard's voice. Their new album ups the electronic influence (think Boys Like Girls, Cobra Starship, etc) and though I haven't had time to listen to most of it, the first handful of tracks are quite good. Lead single Cha-Ching was incredibly catchy, and they'd be wise to follow it up with Don't Talk To Strangers, a similar-sounding track that is just as hooky. It reminds me a lot of 3oh!3, but with much better vocals and far less offensive lyrically. Plus, it's a song about Cougars (and not the feline type). What's not to like?

Hedley - Don't Talk To Strangers

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