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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pony The Pirate - Psychopedia

"There's a thought, I don't think about it"

A brief sidestep from Sweden to Norway and yet another brilliant new band. Like Ginger Ninja, I'm not loving the band name, but I'm willing to look past that when the music's this strong. Pony The Pirate sound like Superfamily mixed with Royworld (remember them?) mixed with The Polyphonic Spree (remember them???). They have an enormous sound, due mostly to their 8 members, with bombast to spare. There's a strong choral element, sometimes to such an extent that the music feels like it's going to burst out of its confined space. They're finding great success in Norway now with their single Sing, but I like this--the opening track--even better. It's their best melody and has an energy to it that's impossible to ignore. There's so much stuffed into just under three minutes that it threatens to devolve into chaos. Luckily, the song's single-minded enough to contain it.

Pony The Pirate - Psychopedia by alienhits

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