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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eric Saade - It's Gonna Rain

"Nothing matters now that you're here by my side"

In a relatively short time, Eric Saade has become one of Sweden's biggest popstars. Bow down to the power of Melodifestivalen, I guess (and the power of Manboy, which I never thought would be so popular). Now the full album's out and, although I've yet to delve into it too much, I can say that it's a real treat for pop fans. Saade's not trying to be cool or critically-acclaimed. Instead, he's decided to record an album of bombastic, catchy-as-hell dance pop. Sweden's one of the only countries left that produces male artists like this (Danny, Ola, Mans, Darin etc.) and Eric's up there with the best of them. It's Gonna Rain is the album's immediate highlight--a huge dance track remeniscent of Madonna's Hung Up. Pop like this doesn't exist in the States, unfortunately, which makes me even more thankful that there's a wider world out there, unencumbered by self-consciousness when it comes to writing radio hits. In a way it takes me back to the big teen pop boom of the late '90s, though this seems smarter and more streamlined than a lot of the stuff that came out in that era.

UPDATE: Giving the album a real proper listen and, as far as straight-up teen pop goes, this is amazing stuff. Full review sure to come soon!

Eric Saade - It's Gonna Rain by alienhits

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Blogger Myfizzypop said...

The album is absolutely incredible and this is a strong highlight. I'd do a review soon, but my Eric post went down like a lead balloon :( Oh phooey to the world, I'm doing it anyway!! I may steal your topless picture too (of Eric, obviously unless there's something you want to share :P)

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Jes said...

Ah, great great stuff.

I'm wondering where you find these CDs, 'cause you live in the US right? Do the labels send you these?

8:29 AM  
Blogger Eduardo Fernandes said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

4:40 PM  
Blogger Eduardo Fernandes said...

The new album is really good!

It's gonna rain and Break of Down are awesome!

Your blog is really great... Congratulations!

4:46 PM  
Blogger Patrycja Mencel said...

i love Eric! :)

his dance is amazing! <3

1:55 AM  

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