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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hotstreets - Complicated

"Let's get a little higher"

Yes! I love it when a song like this comes out of nowhere. This is so damn good I can't believe I haven't discovered it before (it was released back in February). Hotstreets is a side project from Under the Influence of Giants' David Amezcua and it has a similar sound to that band, though maybe with a little more r&b influence. This particular track, the single (and best song) is a huge driving dance rock masterpiece with the most exhilarating chorus I've heard in awhile. It starts out slow with a verse that sounds almost like it's emerging from underwater. Then the hook bursts the whole thing wide open and the song becomes what Thomas Troelsen's group Private would sound like if they were a rock band. It's one of those rare songs that just slayed me on the first listen. The rest of the album's worth checking out as well, though nowhere near as excellent as this single.

Hotstreets - Complicated by alienhits

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