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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jamaica - I Think I Like U 2

"We could stay here for a long time"

To be honest, I find a lot of French music too cool for its own good. Most of it lacks the big melodies that I look for in pop music. So I always approach French bands with a bit of skepticism. Jamaica, though, have bucked the trend by crafting an indie-electronic album filled with catchy hooks and a rock 'n roll sensibility. The single, I Think I Like U 2, is the best of them all. It's reminiscent of Phoenix, another popular French band, but the overall sound has a little more pop to it. They use a lot of distorted guitar, which makes the album seem meatier -- less airy. This track has got the kind of hook that ingratiates itself more and more with each listen. It wasn't until the third time through that I realized how fun this song actually is. And the video seals the deal. Very clever.

Jamaica - I Think I Like U 2 by alienhits

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