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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tinashe - Zambezi

"Do you remember the day you let me be the only one?"

I feel slightly behind the curve when I have to find out about a new artist through an outlet like Q Magazine. Usually, we bloggers are way beyond the magazines, but I'm so glad I took the time to read a review of Tinashe's upcoming album because I have found a new obsession. Zambezi is the best single I've heard since Foxy Shazam's Oh Lord back in April. It's simply perfection, a song of such uplift and beauty that it seems timeless the moment you hear it. It's one of those nostalgic tracks that manages to cram every emotion into three minutes, all over a soaring, afro-pop beat that complements the buoyant melody perfectly. Tinashe hails originally from Zimbabwe, but went to school in London. It's an interesting mix of styles, and one that should find him success. Add to that an undeniable x-factor and a distinctive pop voice, and you've got my favorite new solo artist of the year. CHECK THIS OUT. I'm dying to hear the album!!

Tinashe - Zambezi by alienhits

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Anonymous GMISK said...

I much prefer the acoustic versions of his songs than the gleaming studio versions....point in case (acoustic) (Studio)...hmmmm

3:56 AM  
Blogger Romeo Vareni said...

Heard the song,i must say i haven't heard any better song as yet it's absolutely...can't find the's simply exquisite.Can listen 2 it all day long

8:25 AM  

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