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Friday, October 01, 2010

The JAM Band - Kill Me On A Friday

"Shoot me with your love"

This is a fantastic little curio from Denmark. What does it say about my music taste that I can be totally into a track written by a tv jingle company for a comedy sketch show? I prefer not to dwell on that question, but I think after listening to this, you'll realize why it struck me so instantly on first listen. It's a cheesy, total 80's pastiche with a ridiculously catchy hook. Parts even sound like Melody Club, one of my favorite all time bands. The song was written for the show, "Live Fra Bremen" (a sort of Danish SNL, I'm assuming?) to launch their new season. I prefer not to watch the promo videos, though, and imagine that this is some kind of lost 80's classic. I mean, it's got those Van Halen synths, processed drums, cheeky lyrics, and a complete lack of self-consciousness. Even when parodying, Scandinavia does it better.

The JAM Band - Kill Me On a Friday by alienhits

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