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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top 20 Albums of 2010: 14-13

14. Ola Svensson - Ola

He’s given us some of the best pop songs of the last decade, but I‘ve never enjoyed an entire album of Ola’s material. This changed that. If he’d stuck to the Nilsson/Bassflow combo for the entire album (they’ve penned and produced most of his hits), we could be talking about a collection of songs that could have easily made my top three. Instead, he went for a more American urban pop sound, which worried me at first. Luckily, even though most of the material doesn’t come close to matching his best stuff, this was an album of great contemporary pop. He’s still got one of the best and most recognizable voices for the genre.


13. Katy Perry - Teenage Dream

No album on my countdown as spawned (and will continue to spawn) so many top ten hits. Like it or not, this is a career-defining pop album and will be looked back on as the sound of 2010. There are so many hits here, and so many yet to come. I wasn’t a fan of Perry’s debut at all, but she upped her game by working with the best commercial producers and compiling a tracklist of colorful, critic-proof material. I hate the term “guilty pleasure,” but I think it most definitely applies here. It’s rare in this day and age to hear an album where every song could be a single.


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