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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Top 20 Albums of 2010: 16-15

16. Mcfly - Above The Noise

Five albums in, these guys opted for a more current, dance-influenced sound. It resulted in their best album since 2006’s Motion In The Ocean. Really, you could graft any current trend or genre onto their music and it would still be a pleasant listen because they’re great pop songwriters. Unlike so many bands their age (and style), they know their way around a hook. Like many of the albums in the lower half of my countdown, this is completely driven by the singles and soon-to-be-singles, but even the filler is pretty consistent.


15. The Ark - In Full Regalia

What to say about the soon-to-be-departed Ark? They are my favorite band of all time, which makes it very difficult to place this album all the way down at number fifteen. Unfortunately, though, this is easily the Ark’s worst effort (reflected in sales and radio success as well). I’ll support them in whatever they do because they’ve given us some of the best music ever recorded. This, though, almost sounds like a different band completely. Gone is the bombast in favor of dull 70's rock. I tried to love it and couldn't get past a casual "like." But they’re the Ark. And even the Ark at its worst is better than a lot of stuff out there. (and hey, the Delays--another personal fave--didn’t even make it on this countdown!)


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Blogger arkangelhead said...

Oh, I know! So sad to see our boys all the way down at #15 on your countdown. It's true, this album is really disappointing. I love the glam effort, but only a few songs really stick in my head. :0/

5:16 PM  

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