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Friday, February 11, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2011: Heat Two - Preliminary Judging

Okay, here we go. As always, these quick reviews are based only on the short clips svt has provided and are likely to change. Makes it more fun!

(Listen to clips here)

Brolle - 7 Days & 7 Nights
This is certainly different for MF, but I'm loving the clip. It's an odd mix of the old and the new, and Brolle's popularity should help him. I'm not sure about the chorus yet, but I love the overall sound. 4.5/5

Loreen - My Heart Is Refusing Me
Knowing next to nothing about this singer, I didn't expect much out of this song, but I'm pleasantly surprised. It does sound like the type that isn't represented well by a short selection, so I'm hoping it will grow even more on the full. The sound is more upbeat and electronic than I thought it would be. 3.5/5

Babsen - Ge mig en spanjor (Give Me A Spaniard)
Hmmm... I was expecting a lot of entertainment value from this. The visuals will probably deliver, but the song sounds very weak. I hate the Latin sound for a song like this, and the melody isn't anything special. Too bad. 1.5/5

Elisabeth Andreasson - Vaken i en dröm (Awake In A Dream)
The kind of schlager ballad that has its place in the competition, but always bores me (then usually grows on me). This sounds like it's going through the motions, hitting all the right notes, and managing to be quite a bore. 1.5/5

Sanna Nielsen - I'm In Love
Wow, I'm loving this! Sanna's yet to have a bad entry, but this could be her best yet! It's the kind of thing you'd only hear in MF, and an excellent example of uptempo schlager. Should qualify easily. 5/5

The Moniker - Oh My God!
Now this is weird. I loved his last single a few years ago, but this is so different. It's like he threw a hundred genres in a blender and came up with some odd waltz. This could go either way when I hear the full thing. For now, I'm being optimistic. 4/5

Anniela - Elektrisk (Electric)
The chorus here sounds very strong, and for that alone it's getting a high mark. The verses are a little less memorable, but may grow in time. Unfortunately I don't see this doing amazingly well, but it could surprise. 4/5

Christian Walz - Like Suicide
A Tony Nilsson song, and you can definitely hear it! This sounds like a cross between Darin and Salem's songs from last year and that may be just the trick to get him to the final. I'm hesitant about the vocals, which sound underwhelming on this sample, but the production's amazing. 4.5/5

Not as consistent as last week, but I think there are more highs here. I think it'll be Christian and Sanna straight through, with Brolle and Elisabeth (if only for the ballad factor) to andra chansen.

*I'll be blogging tomorrow throughout the show, so be sure to check back for my thoughts (and to see if my predictions come true!)

*OH YES, AND GAGA'S NEW SINGLE IS AMAZING (I can't be the only blog that doesn't mention it, right?)

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Blogger Myfizzypop said...

Loving Brolle and Christian - can't wait to see them perform. Can't wait to see Babsen perform for many different reasons :P

Still very thrilled to see your book cover in the corner of the blog!

1:01 PM  

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