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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Japayork - Teenagers

"We came here to forget all the things we regret"

Japayork, he of the strange pop name, is one of those artists that I've been enjoying for some time but haven't written about at all. His voice is quite similar to alienhits' favorite, Ollie Wride, so if you haven't heard this yet I guarantee you're going to like it. It's heavy on the electronics, but that doesn't get in the way of a stunning melody. The see-saw verses of Teenagers, especially, deserve attention for their Mika-esque use of falsetto. It's the kind of song that never seems to achieve the mainstream success it deserves. I've come to think that's a good thing. Pop this good is best enjoyed by true connoisseurs of the genre. People can have their Ke$has and Britneys. I'd take something like this any day.

Japayork - Teenagers by alienhits

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