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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One Direction - Stole My Heart

"Under the lights tonight, turned around"

It was so clear during last year's UK X-Factor that we were witnessing something special when One Direction were put together. And luckily, with the debut of their first album, they've delivered on the promise. Now this is pop music... not singer-songwriter critics-awards-bait. Let's get that out of the way. And this isn't a critics-award-bait band (though given Take That's current output, there's always a chance they could get there). What One Direction are is a massive pop band, a group of personalities capable of creating the type of groundswell needed to create real hysteria. And with a US contract official and a US release early next year, they will be global. And strangely, I knew this was going to happen ever since X-Factor. Sometimes you can just tell. But back to the music... I'll have a review of the album later (it's very good pop), but I wanted to share this track today because their handlers would be INSANE not to release this as a single at some point. Sure, it's reminiscent of some of the trends in pop now, but it perfects them. That chorus is a number one hit. It's one of the more electronic songs on the album, which is a direction (haha) I'd love for them to explore further in future albums.
Oh, and speaking of X-Factor, I'll have a song from the Australian version tomorrow (they totally, totally got the winner right... that's twice in a row, Aussies!)

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