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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Jewel - Foolish Games (Cutmore 2013 Remix)

"These foolish games are tearing me apart"

Ooh, boy, do I ever love an unexpected remix. I would've never thought Jewel's fantastic 1997 hit Foolish Games could have been turned into a club track, but lo and behold, it absolutely works wonders. Despite not really being my genre of music, I've always been a fan of Jewel. I also feel like 90's nostalgia is on the cusp of taking over pop culture. For a teenager of the 90's like myself, this is a great thing. The way Jewel's vocals wrap unexpectedly around the hard dance beat is a real treat, and who knew that the song's chorus could become so anthemic and huge? I think it's going to prod me into rediscovering the original. The song's taken from a full-length remix album, though most of the tracks on it don't really interest me. Give me a remix of Hands, already!

Foolish Games (Cutmore 2013 Remix) by Jewel - on Grooveshark

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Blogger Unknown said...

love it. would be even better if you could have used the version with Jewel and Kelly Clarkson.

3:38 PM  

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