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Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Fooo - All Over The World

"You gotta dance like that"

It's the Fooo! Need I say more? After their album was released in April, I figured that would be all we'd hear from them until maybe the Fall. But amazingly, this track popped into my facebook feed this morning. It, and its globe-trotting video, is utter pop bliss. The beat is actually pretty hardcore in places, but then that cotton-candy, singalong chorus rears its head and the track becomes yet another slice of pop perfection from the guys. I'm a little confused why they haven't broken out of Sweden yet. I mean, it's gonna happen. They're practically bred for worldwide stardom. But maybe it's better that this music remains a Scandinavian secret. All I ask is that they compete in next year's Melodifestivalen and clean the floor with all the other acts!

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