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Sunday, March 26, 2006


"I'm a substitute for another guy"

In some imaginary summer, this song could have been a great one-hit wonder; perfect for driving around, cranking up the radio and singing along to. Mathias is from Denmark and I'm not sure if Substitute was a hit over there, but I do know that it's his first single from his forthcoming album. It sounds kind of like a poppier version of Prince with added surf guitars and hand claps. The video is hilarious, with the cartoonish Mathias surrounded by equally cartoonish looking female bandmates who, as the video progresses.... nevermind, just click the link below and watch it for yourself!

(No album yet to buy, but you can buy the single here - music is posted for evaluation purposes only. Please support the artists. If you hold the copyright to this song and wish it to be removed, contact me and I will delete it immediately.)


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