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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


"Still sitting pretty with a pistol in hand"

This is probably the most pop-ish song I've posted yet and it comes close to the dangerous "teen pop" genre that was rampant in the late 90's. But, I like to think that it's better than that. Reynada Hill is the singer but I have no idea who she is. The song was composed by Yoko Kanno and the music's by the band Seatbelts, who have worked on a ton of music for japanese anime films/series. This particular song is from the Cowboy Bebop movie. And, anyone who knows Cowboy Bebop also knows the amazing music that goes along with it. Cosmic Dare is unlike any other song that I've heard from Kanno. It's a very fun, catchy song with really great lyrics. One listen and it'll be stuck in your brain, so beware.

(you can buy the album here - music is posted for evaluation purposes only. Please support the artists. If you hold the copyright to this song and wish it to be removed, contact me and I will delete it immediately.)


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