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Thursday, March 30, 2006


I have quite an extensive music collection and, as I was sifting through it a few days back, I realized that it contains a lot of obscure, strange songs that somehow or other ended up in my collection. The songs on my blog are #1 hits from another planet. Well, these are #1 hits from another universe.

Pretty much everything by this...interesting lady (see photo above) would fall into the strange category. Her deep, manish voice allowed her to be confused for a transexual. Alphabet is by far the strangest and funniest song I've heard by her. Once you start listening I promise you won't be able to stop until you get to the end.

This song, as many of Kanno's stuff, sounds like it's from some strange fairytale. I have NO idea what the hell this song is about or why it was written, but it's incredibly ornate for something so odd. This is the kind of song that should be in Disney movies, by the way.

This song is from the 2003 indie movie Neverland, which is a (very) low budget reinterpretation of Peter Pan, where the lost boys are punks, Captain Hook is a kinky janitor and (best of all), Tiger Lily is a transvestite sideshow performer. This is "her" song and it is funny and weird and very catchy. The end is especially funny in a satirical way.

I don't really know what to make of this song. I first heard it when I saw the video, which is an absolute enigma. Basically, it involves a lot of (honesty? pretty hideous) women in 80's spandex/sweats dancing in what I assume is either somewhere in Central America or Italy (or Spain? - who knows). The video was so strikingly strange that I had to get ahold of the song. Turns out that I'm totally loving this song, even though I have no idea what it's about or what they're saying. The synth line is beautiful, though.

Finally in this cavalcade of weirdness is a glam rock song from the early 70's from Kim Wilde's kid brother, who was 12 years old at the time that this song was recorded. The screechy kid voice will either instantly endear you or turn you completely off, but this catchy tune will be stuck in your head either way. I'm going to be an elementary teacher really soon and I would rather have my kids sing something like this for music than the typical kid stuff.

(Music is posted for evaluation purposes only. Please support the artists. If you hold the copyright to this song and wish it to be removed, contact me and I will delete it immediately.)


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