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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sound the trumpets!! I’m back!

During the past three months, I’ve gotten to live at an English boarding school (as a teacher, not a student), and travel to France, Wales and my ultimate dreamland… Sweden! I saw concerts from the glorious (and #1 in any universe) Ark, the Sounds, Whyte Seeds, Boy Kill Boy, the Feeling, Orson, the Automatic, and about twenty other bands. It was a great time and I officially am in love with Europe. Due in no small part, I’m sure, to the fabulous music that consistently comes out of the continent.

Oh, and speaking of music, how incredibly great to return to new tracks from the Killers (amazing) and Scissor Sisters (probably the best thing I’ve heard this year and completely worth the wait). September is going to be ridiculously cool with new albums from SS, Janet, Justin, Melody Club (not really new but a compilation album in the States, at least) and the Killers (well…Oct. 3rd, but close enough). Robbie’s comes out late September too, right?? It’s all way too exciting!

Check below for the first of my new posts!


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