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Monday, August 21, 2006

I saw Snakes on a Plane this weekend and I'm pleased to say that it was brilliant!! It was just as twisted and funny as all of the buzz promised it would be. The smartest thing the movie did was take enough time at the beginning to establish a rather large group of eccentric, likeable (or loathable, depending on the person) characters like those old disaster movies used to do. That way, it was fun to guess who the snakes were gonna eat and who would be safe!

As if anybody doesn't already have this, here's the big song from the movie by Cobra Starship, a supergroup of sorts made up of Maja from the Sounds and some other people. The song's absolutely brilliant and is accompanied by an equally awesome music video. I've been playing it for weeks. Plus, it's the only way to be able to see Maja on MTV in the States!

Speaking of movies, stay tuned to #1 Hits for my round-up of weird and wild rock musicals. I'm a huge fan of odd rock-based musicals (think Rocky Horror) and I can't wait to share them with you. In addition to regular posts, I'll be highlighting these movies and posting some songs from their fantastic soundtracks.


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