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Monday, August 21, 2006


Super exciting post here! if you've been following this blog recently, you'll know that I have much love for new funk/disco/rock band Under the Influence of Giants. Well, I just found out that the band's actually recorded another album in addition to their self-titled debut. Now, normally I wouldn't post full albums for download, as I'm all about supporting the artists, but this album is as-yet unreleased and I've read that UTIOG wants people to hear it one way or another. They themselves are allowing the album to be shared.

So, here it is... The cd's called Bitch City and, although I've only sampled it, it's really good so far. Although there's not as much of a disco influence as their debut, it's still definitely along the same lines. Many of the songs sound more like Maroon 5 than anything. Highlights are the definitely disco-tastic "Beautiful" and the one-two punch of openers "Workin'" and "Robbers."

Apparently, upon recording the album, UTIOG's record label didn't want them to release it. At first this seems kind of odd, since the album sounds totally releasable, but then I started listening to the lyrics and realized that a surprising amount of the songs seemed to involve murder and/or killing. Just listen to the opening line of "Bones"! Very odd stuff for a band with a party vibe, but very enjoyable nonetheless.

Here's the track list to the album (along with my homemade cover):

1. Workin'
2. Robbers
3. Bones
4. Beautiful
5. Day Sleeper
6. Hell Of A Guy
7. Stage Fright
8. By Chance
9. Hi Lo
10. Golden
11. Elf Trot
12. This Is War

Enjoy! And remember to buy their debut album here!


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