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Monday, September 18, 2006

Before the albums, binge on B-Sides....

In honor of this freaking exciting fall release season in which some of my favorite artists are releasing new albums, I’m going to bridge their previous work with their upcoming stuff by posting some b-sides…

Scissor Sisters:

The New: Ta-Dah, possible contender for album of the year. More of the same, but bigger. See my review below. September 26th in the States.

B-Side: Forever Right Now, reggae-pop-weirdness unreleased from their last album.

Janet Jackson:

The New: 20 Y.O., which attempts a comeback after the whole Superbowl (blown-out-of-proportion) fiasco. New single So Excited sounds promising. September 26th

B-Side: Love Me, Just A Little While’s synth-riffed evil twin.

The Killers:

The New: Promised rock epic, Sam’s Town…they ditch some of the glam and pump up the anthems. If When You Were Young is any indication, it’s an improvement upon the seemingly un-improvable. October 3rd

B-Side: The Ballad Of Michael Valentine, more jaunty than your normal ballad, I’d say.

Robbie Williams:

The New: Dance-oriented (and tragically titled) Rudebox. Includes team-ups with the Pet Shop Boys, which alone should be worth the hype. October 23rd

B-Side: Our Love, another lovely Robbie ballad from the Intensive Care sessions.

Maroon 5:

The New: As-yet-untitled album promises to “pound a lot harder” and be less “weak and limp” than their debut. Hmmm… November 21st (tentatively)

B-Side: Woman, ultra-funky r&b from the Spiderman 2 Soundtrack.


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