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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Scissor Sisters - Showbox, Seattle, WA 10/2/06

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the Scissor Sisters for the third time in Seattle. My friends and I arrived early to find the line wrapping around the block of the venue. To put this in perspective, when I last saw the Sisters (at the same venue) two years ago there were maybe 30-40 people waiting to get in. Last night there were hundreds! (Perhaps due to the fact that Ta-Dah is about to go top 20 in America!)

Anyways, the atmosphere was fantastic, as always. The queens were out in full force and after the show was over the floor was covered in glitter. Strangely enough, I also spotted a family of four with their two young sons looking very uncomfortable standing in the corner of the dance floor. I figured they must have known the band or something? It was a bit of a hometown show, after all (Jake is from Friday Harbor and some of Ana's family lives in Seattle).

The opening band, Small Sins, was plucky enough but also very boring. Their synth-meets-rock sound was alright but unfortunately they just didn't have the songs to back it up. But, this post isn't about them anyway.

The Sisters were on fire. I've seen a lot of concerts and I can safely say that the Scissor Sisters are the best live act around right now, especially in a small venue where you can practically reach out and touch them. The setlist was pretty evenly split between old and new stuff, opening with She's My Man and closing with a Don't Feel Like Dancin'-Flithy/Gorgeous encore. The crowd was insane and everybody was dancing (that is until Jake stopped the show, asked us all to turn around to a group of stationary glum-looking folks and ask them in unison "who died?" - to which Ana replied "maybe their legs don't work?"). All in all, everything that I loved about the Sisters two years ago remained intact. The fantastic between-song monologues, the propulsive energy, the flashy costumes (which, in Jake's case, were fully removed by the end of the show) and the cult-like ambience you can only get when you fill a small room full of freaks and play epic music. Best songs? Music Is The Victim, Comfortably Numb, Filthy/Gorgeous, Don't Feel Like Dancin' and Everybody Wants The Same Thing, which was tailor made for a live performance.

Bonus mp3: Scissor Sisters - Dare (Live Gorillaz Cover)


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