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Friday, November 17, 2006

Disco "Song" #5

Listen & Download: Arabesque - Fly High Little Butterfly
Download: Arabesque - Fly High Little Butterfly

I'm seeing shades of the Pussycat Dolls in that picture, though far more bizarre. Come to think of it, though, 25 years from now people will probably make the same comments about the PCD cover. Anyways, the elements to this song that completely puts it over the edge (minus that horribly lame title) are the guitar and saxophone that open the song and follow the chorus. They may not sound like much on the track itself, but if you've seen the music video, the dance moves will be forever etched into your brain. I won't even mention the outfits (well, I will... they look like flowers whose stems are emphasizing all the wrong places). Basically, it's 3:15 minutes in the wind tunnel of hell. I absolutely love it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, native German here. First, I absolutely LOVE your Disco postings! They bring back fond memories (yeah, go ahead, laugh, that's just fine).

Did you know that the german group Arabesque were SUPERSYARS in Japan? Yeah, really, no kidding! They had only one big hit in West Europe (Marigo Bay Feb.81), the rest were just minor hits. But in Japan they were drowned in golden records. Maybe it was that weird german accent they deliberately put on.

The leadsinger Sandra actually is the wife of Michael Cretu. She can be heard on his productions, like Enigma. In 1985 she had a super smashing Hit as solo artist with "Maria Magdalena".

Oh, and I hope you will get your blog an approval programme for the comments, because it hurts me to see this spamshit put on by someone evil.

Keep the good work going!

4:09 PM  

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