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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Linda Sundblad - Oh My God!
Release Date: November 16, 2006
Label: Monza Music AB

If a young Madonna had recorded True Blue twenty years later, it might sound a little bit like Linda Sundblad’s Oh My God! From the crackling album opener Cheater to the lead single Oh Father, which flirts with the interplay between sexuality and religion, Sundblad brings back sparkly eighties pop and manages to make it sound more authentic (and classic) than most of her peers.

It’s quite an achievement for the lead singer of the now-defunct pop/rock band Lambretta, a group known more for their pop hooks than their adventurous attitude. Now, unbridled and borrowing the best from Gwen Stefani and fellow Swedish songstress Robyn, Sundblad explodes with a solo debut that presents an absolute kaleidoscope of pop styles. Nearly everything is successful, but clear standouts are the boisterous Back In Time and the unfortunately titled Who (Q-Boy). The latter is perhaps Sundblad’s most eerily “Madonna” moment. A twisting confection of a story-song, it bursts with unpredictable energy and verve, gliding on hook after glorious hook. Later highlights include hip-pop electro dance tracks Keeper and Beautiful Boys, though really the entire album is one long, wild ride, with Sundblad's charismatic, playful voice always at the center.

With Oh My God!, Linda Sundblad has easily crafted the female pop album of the year, and the best thing about it is that it sounds completely effortless. Those expecting a retread of the sound that rocketed Lambretta to fame are going to be surprised by this. Instead, Sundbald has fashioned herself as the pop star that Gwen Stefani promised us, but ultimately failed to deliver. A-

Key Tracks: Who (Q-Boy), Oh Father, Back In Time


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