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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mcfly - Motion In The Ocean
Release Date: November 6, 2006
Label: Island

There’s something to be said for a pop group that only gets better with each release. British pop scamps McFly launched on the scene with a debut brimming with youthful, noisy energy, followed that up with their “grown-up” record a year later, and have now released Motion In The Ocean, an encapsulation of both sounds that is at once a perfect combo and a giant leap forward.

It’s great when a pop band surprises you, and from the galloping anthem-in waiting We Are The Young to the operatic marching band drama of Transylvania, Mcfly do just that. They must have taken a cue from their faithful cover of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now earlier this year (and also included on this release), as the majority of the album is clearly inspired by 70’s-80’s power pop and light, bubbly sing-along rock. Lead single Star Girl isn’t even among the strongest tracks. Look to the Def Leppard crunch of Friday Night or the Green Day-meets-Queen balladry of Sorry’s Not Good Enough for highlights. Please, Please, a single left over from this summer, is also an early standout. In fact, Motion In The Ocean is quite nearly the perfect pop album. It never wears out its welcome and is almost self-consciously catchy. There are hooks within hooks, something new around every corner.

Motion In The Ocean is unabashed pop that’s safe for anybody to like. While it may not measure up as high art or offer any deep insight into the human condition, it is that rarest of things: an album of singles. If the boys are this good right now, their next release should be something well worth waiting for. A-

Key Tracks: We Are The Young, Friday Night, Transylvania


Blogger Paul said...

it is all rather marvelous no? I cannot help but love my cheeky mcfly scamps... i sincerely hope a greatest hits and split is what follows for britains biggest niche band...

1:40 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

I had never really thought twice about McFly until hearing this album. I liked their singles before but this new album is just a whole new level.

3:41 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

oops i meant to write i hope a greatest hits and split is NOT what follows.... i don't want them to split :)

5:05 AM  

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