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Sunday, November 12, 2006


“Gonna wham bam bam gonna kiss another man”

Parker are a peppy little threesome from Sweden with tight, catchy pop/punk songs in the style of late seventies new wave. Lead singer Eva Parker is every bit as much the spitfire as the Sounds' Maja Ivarsson or Surferosa's Mariann, though the group's music isn't as produced. There's a lot of grit in between the candy-coated verses of Wham Bam Bam. Parker have released four albums thus far, all very much in an independent style. No major label gloss for these guys, just loads of swagger and attitude. This single is taken from their third album, Le Petomane and is my personal favorite Parker song.

Listen & Download: Parker - Wham Bam Bam

Download: Parker - Wham Bam Bam

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