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Monday, November 27, 2006

This week's special feature will highlight obscure 80's tracks that were either minor hits or album tracks that (in my humble opinion) should have been hits. Get ready for some bizarre, colorful, and catchy songs each day!

Listen & Download: Trance Dance - Pickin' Up The Pieces

Download: Trance Dance - Picken' Up The Pieces

Trance Dance were a large Swedish group in the eighties that, despite their name, did not play trance music. Instead, they performed a catchy new wave not unlike bands such as Duran Duran mixed with plenty of guitar and male/female vocals. This song gets spotlighted mostly because of the following lyrics: "if you want to do some boogalow, you've got to jump like a kangaroo." I think that's pretty much genius. Plus, the song is insanely catchy.


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