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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

TV From Another Planet: Day Three

Freaks And Geeks

Premise: Follows two groups of outsiders (the freaks and the geeks - betcha couldn’t have guessed that from the title) in 1980 Michigan. It’s that simple!

Why it rocks: It’s quite simply the most realistic (and best) high school show ever produced, with one of the coolest casts that I can ever remember. The storytelling is gut-wrenchingly funny and can also be extremely moving (a similarity all of my five shows have in common). Most of all, Freaks & Geeks is authentic. Seen through the eyes of brother/sister pair Sam and Lindsey Weir (the fantastic John Francis Daley and Linda Cardellini), the real fun is in the intertwining of the groups and the relationships formed between characters. Other highlights include James Franco in an early roll and the colorful groups of freaks and (you guessed it) geeks. There are a lot of people very passionate about this show (as well they should be), even though it only lasted for eighteen episodes (though they do manage to tell a nice, self-contained - yet pleasingly open-ended - story arc). If you haven’t seen it yet… watch it as quick as you can. You’ll fall in love. Guaranteed.

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Opening Credits (perhaps the best trailer you could get… with the end of a scene tacked on before it for some reason)

The drug assembly… great scene!


Blogger Paul said...

i know freaks and geeks was doomed as soon as i heard the words "quality television" and "best pilot of the season" and "on NBC" - had it been on Fox or WB maybe it would've lasted longer. I bought the very limited or special edition box set of the dvd through the website and had to barter big time to get them to ship it to england but it was totally worth it. I dip into it at alarmingly frequent intervals and can't stop loving it, even now :)

12:12 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

I actually didn't see this show until I bought it on DVD (somehow I missed it on TV) but I was shocked when I watched it that it wasn't insanely popular. I mean, who can't relate to at least one of the characters?

5:18 PM  
Blogger Dianna said...

Saw some of the clips on YouTube & got so into it for The Franco Factor that I began to get sucked into the whole series! So what'd I do? Went out & bought the whole thing on DVD! Desario is so...unlike Franco?? Or does he reside deep down inside of him?? Hmmmmmmmm....I guess the more we watch Franco's films, the more we'll find out!

I wrote a piece about the show @ my blog so go check it out -

11:01 AM  

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