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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

TV From Another Planet: Day Two

Jack & Bobby

Premise: Follows the childhood of a boy destined to become the greatest American President of all time… flash-forwards hint at future events while the emphasis is on what shaped the kid into such an important figure.

Why it rocked: A better question is… why couldn’t the country see how extremely fantastic this little show was? One of the most intelligent, moving and well-written (and acted) shows to ever grace television screens (especially those tuned into the WB), Jack & Bobby impressed me each week with its depth, topical relevance and deep convictions that not everything has to be wrapped up in a neat little package at the end of each episode. One of the few shows to actually bring me to tears at the end of pretty much every episode, this show impassioned me so much that I headed a Save Jack & Bobby campaign when it appeared that the show would be cancelled. This was the first and only time I’ve ever been prompted to do something like that. The bulk of the credit (besides the inspiringly good writing, of course) goes to the trio of Christine Lahti, Logan Lerman, and Matt Long, delivering three of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen as an unconventional, deeply flawed yet inspiring family. No show has depicted the connection between two brothers better than this one. It’s hard to explain why I love this show so much (it is my #1 show of all time)… better to just watch it and get that “wow” feeling yourself.

More Information
Buy It (Unfortunately, you can’t - studios haven’t released it yet - but I do have all the episodes on DVD)


A heated argument between Jack and Grace (not many videos online for this show… wish I could have found a different one with Bobby in it as well, but this one’s still good)


Blogger KulPop said...

Jack & Bobby was a great series and should be released on DVD. Christine Lahti is amazing and Matt Long and Logan Lerman were great also. Reminded me a bit (quality wise) of one of my all time favourite series "I'll Fly Away" with Sam Waterston & Regina Taylor that also deserves to be released on DVD.



7:54 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Never heard of I'll Fly Away. When was it aired on TV?

As for Jack & Bobby, always good (and surprising) to see another fan. Seriously, this show completely changed me. As a writer and a viewer I expect so much more now!

8:50 PM  
Blogger KulPop said...

"I'll Fly Away" aired from 1991-1993, here's the shows IMDB link.

Another great show you may have been a fan of was "Everwood". It shouldn't have been cancelled by the idiots at the new CW network.


9:36 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

I totally agree that Everwood shouldn't have been cancelled. It would have made a lovely 5th season entry right after 7th Heaven season 247! But no, they pick up some crappy "weekly mystery" show and renew One True Voice or whatever that show is called?! Ugh! I did download Jack and Bobby as tragically it never aired in England. Another series that should have got a much longer more successful run. Sometimes i think viewers don't know what to do with shows that make them think...

7:55 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

I'll have to check out I'll Fly Away... as for Everwood I know some of my friends used to love it but I just never really got on the boat and didn't want to start from the middle somewhere. I should really rent/buy the first season DVD.
And to Paul... glad you've seen the show. I am freakishly passionate about this series and always wonder how it translates to other countries since it was framed on American politics.

6:55 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

i think there was definitely a reason it wasn't bought over here - although i don't have an indepth knowledge of american politics, it does fascinate me so having that theme wrapped in a greg berlanti series was all i needed to entice me :)

12:09 AM  

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