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Friday, December 15, 2006

2. The Killers - Where The White Boys Dance (Sam's Town B-Side)
More interesting than most of the stuff on Sam's Town (btw that is not a diss.... I loved Sam's Town, but it is a fact), Where The White Boys Dance throws some funk into the Killer mix, and Brandon sounds like Sparks' Russell Mael at times, which is always welcome. This song really could have been a single itself.

1. Scissor Sisters - Making Ladies (Ta-Dah B-side)
No other b-side this year was as memorable or as fun as Scissor Sisters' Making Ladies. A return to their pre-major label output, the track is pure, unadultered camp, not to mention the funniest song of the year. It simply begs for a music video (a tranny factory, perhaps?... with extended dance sequence, of course) and it's not even on the album!


Blogger Paul said...

ooo you know how to appeal to my good side with b sides to two of my current fave bands :) i enjoyed your top ten b-side list. It was a bit different to all the regular lists going round. Well done young sir

3:55 AM  

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