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Thursday, December 14, 2006

4. Pet Shop Boys with Elton John - In Private (Stuart Crichton Club Mix) (Fundamental B-Side)
An update of the Dusty Springfield classic, I have no idea why this song seems to have been brushed from everybody's memory. It's simply massive, especially with PSB and Elton teaming up (a match made in heaven). Plus, this cover has given the original a real dark twist.

3. Scissor Sisters - Almost Sorry (Ta-Dah B-Side)
One of the Sisters' most accomplished ballads, it's really a credit to the quality of Ta-Dah that something this amazing was relegated to b-side status. Co-written by the legendary Paul Williams (of Bugsy Malone/Muppet Show/Phantom of the Paradise fame), it's got the guy's mark all over it. Best part? When the full beat unexpectedly kicks in. Trust me, you'll know when it comes.


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