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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

8. Midnight Monkeys (Sweden)
Although there doesn’t seem to be any full-length in view (though they’ve been promising to update their site forever), the songs that Midnight Monkeys have given us so far are nothing short of astounding. A catchy blend of rock, punk and disco, they’ve got a unique sound and a wonderfully cool looking lead singer. Definitely a wild-card for next year, but if they do actually release anything else they could be huge.

Best Track: Without

7. Pompadil (Sweden)
Pompadil miraculously have not been signed to a record label yet, but I am expecting that to change based on what I’ve heard from them so far. A glistening blend of dance beats with gorgeous vocals, this Swedish duo should be huge once they are recognized for the talent that they are. Wait and see… they will be The Attic of 2007.

Best Track: You Need A Man


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