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Monday, December 11, 2006

B-sides are still an important part of an artists' catalog. Oftentimes a chance to release something more experimental and/or not suited to a proper album, they can turn out to be real undiscovered diamonds. All this week I'll be counting down my favorite ten b-sides from 2006, starting with these fine selections...

10. The Upper Room - Up In Smoke (b-side to All Over This Town)
A classic sounding little pop tune, Up In Smoke edges out the Upper Room's other fine b-side selections with it's gentle synth noodling and catchy chorus. Plus, it has handclaps... which instantly make any song epically great.

9. Lily Allen - Absolutely Nothing (b-side to Smile)
I actually prefer this b-side to many of the songs on Allen's album. It forgoes some of the silliness of Allen's other work for a classic, eighties sounding melody and a beautiful vocal performance.


Blogger Samuel said...

'Absolutely Nothing' is good - and amazing live - but, the real big B-side for her, just has to be 'Nan You're...'.

Purely amazing.

8:43 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

sigh - two of my fave acts of the year. At least one made it...

9:49 AM  

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