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Monday, December 18, 2006

A Bit of a Change...

For the next two weeks, #1 Hits will be momentarily pausing work on bringing you the new exciting bands that this site is known for. In place of daily posts will be double countdowns... the top 20 albums and the top 50 tracks of the year.

Each of the 20 albums will have an mp3 of a track that was not released as a single posted alongside it.

Finally, my rules for the countdown are that an album/single must have had its debut release in 2006. That means that the Similou's UK release and the Ark's US release are ineligible, for example, since both had been previously released in 2004/05. Otherwise, they'd be right up at the top of the charts! Also, all tracks posted in the top 50 must have been released as a single either physically or digitally or have been made into a music video.


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