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Friday, December 01, 2006

Listen: Roxette - Teaser Japanese
Download: Roxette - Teaser Japanese

Before Roxette hit it big in the mid eighties, the band put out the Heartland e.p., though the line-up looked a little different. Marie was there... as a back-up singer, and Per took lead vocals on all the tracks. For all intents and purposes, the album is basically the work of Per's former band Gyllene Tider released under a new band name in the U.S. (because, you know... we're far too hopeless here to be able to pronounce foreign words). Teaser Japanese is the opening track of the e.p. and is catchy as hell. Sure, it's kinda dorky... but the ingredients for the Roxette we now know and love are totally there.


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More Roxette plz!

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