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Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 is over... Let's look on to 2008!

2007 was a great year for music and 2008 will have a lot of work to do to match or surpass it. Though I'm hoping that a release from the big three (The Ark, Melody Club or Scissor Sisters) will find its way onto shelves sometime this year, I doubt whether that will end up happening. But, you never know. Still, even without those guys, there's a lot to look forward to in 2008, musically speaking.

Oh, and by the way, regular music posts will resume on Wednesday!

Confirmed Music Releases:

Delays - Though word has become scarce on these guys (which I find very strange and slightly disconcerting), last I heard their new full length is due to be released in late winter/early spring of this year. If it's as good as the recently released EP then I want it now!

The Feeling - Released in February, I’ve got a “feeling” that this could end up being ten times as good as their already stellar debut. The lead single sure is a step in the right direction to pop perfection. (Feb. 18th)

Janet Jackson
- Her last few releases have been pretty disappointing, so I’m surprised that I’m still excited for a new Janet release. I’ve got a good feeling about this new one, though. We’ve already got a fantastic lead single (Feedback, the first Janet single I’ve liked for awhile), a great album title (Discipline sure as hell beats 20 Y.O.) and a cool, less slutty image. Here’s hoping the record will live up to it all. (Feb. 26th)

Moto Boy - Pikko and Lamont’s frequent collaborator finally comes out with his full length debut in January, and from what I’ve heard so far it should be really great. (Jan. 16th)

MGMT - I posted a track by these guys a few weeks ago and I’ve had a chance to listen to their full debut, Oracular Spectacular, now. At first I didn’t really like it, but now that I’ve given it more attention I’m thinking that it’s growing on me, even though it is still quite strange and a bit more downtempo than I'd prefer. (Jan. 22nd)

Music Releases I Can’t Wait To Confirm:

Monicko - He was around the top of my most anticipated releases of 2007 but the album by former The Mo front man Nicko Stenemo never surfaced. Instead, we were treated to a stellar trio of tracks that he’s been working on (all over at his myspace) including a slightly different version of (maybe first single?) Perfect Day. Also, now he’s got some slightly more experimental stuff on a new page under the band name Kite, though I'm guessing this is more of a side-project. I am holding out hope that we get a poppy full length from this guy, one of my top three artists out there right now.

Hotel Motel - I have been following this UK trio with huge interest throughout the year and it looks like they’ll be releasing their first EP (Road Songs) very soon. Go over to their myspace and listen to all four tracks, especially Long Distance, one of the most gorgeous songs written in the past decade. It's a blast from the 80's, and downright perfect music.

Pacific! - They’ve got their new single streaming on myspace (the brilliantly simple and fun Number One) and I’m hoping that now that they’re finished with their trio of singles, they’ll release a full length as well.

Surferosa - No word on a release date from these guys yet, but you can hear their new single, The Future, on their myspace.

Don Juan Dracula - According to their website there will be a new album coming out in 2008, but there’s no word on when that will be. I’m guessing Spring/Summer, but who knows.

The Alpine - They’ve been promising new songs on their myspace forever, yet nothing has materialized quite yet. I do understand that a 2008 album is pretty much a certainty, though.

Juvelen - No freaking word on this guy for like half a year! When are we going to get the album???

Frankmusik - There’s like a gazillion new songs up on his myspace, yet no for sure release date of his debut album. I’m guessing from all of the new material that it’ll be out sometime in 2008, though.

Dolly Daggers - Another band I’ve been waiting on to release an album for what seems like forever, they’ve finally released the full version of their new (?) song Circle Line on their myspace so maybe that’s a step forward to an actual release date. Who knows?

Gender - Their label’s website says that their album was released on December 25th, though obviously it wasn’t. However, their myspace seems to believe that The Origin Of Gender will be out in 2008. As long as it’s soon…

Other Music Related Stuff:

Melodifestivalen 2008 - I can always count on Sweden’s Eurovision tryouts to brighten up the late winter. So far it seems like it’s going to be a great line-up this year. I'm particularly excited to see what BWO, Ola and E-Type/The Poodles (an odd mix for sure) come up with. I've also heard a rumor that Laakso could be entering a song, which would be absolutely amazing.

American Idol - Yeah, it churns out crappy music year after year, but could this finally be the year we get an 80's synth lover or a glam rocker on the show? Or even somebody remotely alternative?? Probably not, but I’ll be watching anyway.


Blogger Gumby said...

Don't forget Sparks new album this year.

10:51 AM  
Blogger Grifit said...

What the hell is happening to Juvelen????
I want a fucking album!!!!!

12:52 PM  

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