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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Boogaloo Stu - Enough About You... Let's Talk About Me
Release Date: January 21, 2008

One look at Boogaloo Stu’s crazy outfits (coupled with that stage name) and you know that his music is going to be amazing or totally suck. Luckily, it doesn’t totally suck… in fact, it leans much more toward the former.

He’s certainly studied his glam icons well. The tracks on Enough About You... borrow heavily from past trailblazers. He’s got the simple, hypnotic stomp of T-Rex, the decadent melodies of Roxy Music and, well, the wardrobe of the Scissor Sisters. It works beautifully most of the time, though (along with most releases) the album is not without the occasional clunker. The most brilliant songs are undoubtedly the singles, the laid-back breezy Just Want You To Know and the thumping, beautiful Magnetic Heart. Both absolute triumphs. Long Time Coming and The Jet Age also come close to perfection, each succeeding because of their instantly catchy, well-written melodies. The rest range from okay to pretty good, though I’d imagine they’d please any glam fan. The sound throughout is remarkably consistent, which makes for an album that ends up being a little more than the sum of its parts.

Whether Boogaloo Stu will remain a club performer or break out into bigger and better things all depends on the right single at the right time. Luckily, I think he’s got at least three with this release. Now it’s just up to the people to get behind him. B

Key Tracks: Magnetic Heart, Just Want You To Know, Long Time Coming



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