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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some random thoughts

I won't be able to post a song today because my music is at my horribly (non)ventilated apartment and it is nearing triple digits in there today so I had to escape. We are not used to 100+ temps in the northwest! So instead I'm going to highlight some links that you probably already know about anyway :)

1. Although there seems to be a general dislike for him on the internet, I'm quite taken with Mika's choral-bombast of a comeback single We Are Golden. Ditto for the spastic-ADD video.

2. As I said on Monday, I'm pretty impressed with Disney's current crop of teen artists. This new track by Miley Cyrus is just another example of the simple, feel good pop the company is capable of churning out.

3. Not sure how I feel about the new Cinema Bizarre single. I really want to love these guys, and I think they're getting closer and closer to being awesome. I especially love the lead singer on this song, but Space Cowboy... shut the hell up! The verses are bizarrely horrible.

4. I am strangely addicted to Shakira's She-Wolf (and amazed that such an obvious disco track, called She-Wolf, no less, could end up being a US hit). My favorite part? The can't-be-bothered "wolf ow-woooo's" of the chorus.


Blogger Gumby said...

The new Mika is excellent. I'm excited for his next album and surprised that there is any backlash against him.

5:58 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Yeah, I'm way more excited for the album than I thought I would be. I have this weird feeling that it's going to be better than the first.

5:29 PM  
Blogger Myfizzypop said...

well obviously i'm all on board with Mika. I think it's rather glorious. Ditto the simple brilliance of the new Miley track. Shakira is growing on me daily :)

12:14 AM  

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