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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Did the vodka make you leave with me?"

Over a year since their album was released, Carolina Liar are enjoying their first smash hit stateside with the massive Show Me What I'm Looking For. It's one of the biggest sounding records of the year, with choirs and chiming bells and all the extras. I adore it, and the rest of the album's pretty darn good, too. Last Night is another standout, an uptempo pop rocker that sounds almost identical to the Killers--complete with "killer" synth riff. It's one of the band's collaborations with Swedish producer Max Martin (who's also working with Adam Lambert... yay!), so of course it's gotta be fantastic. It's kinda crazy that the band's able to produce such eclectic pop music. Last Night sounds very little like Show Me What I'm Looking For, but the two share something very important: they both sound like huge hits.

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