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Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Everybody dance and everybody sing"

Before Adam Lambert, Jacob Hoggard (lead singer of Hedley) was the most exciting/unique performer to come out of an idol. And he's by far the most successful artist ever featured on Canadian Idol, though that's not saying much. And, he didn't even win! (Though he did have one of the best performances ever). Although it's not really my favorite genre, the pop/punk of his band Hedley has been something I've really enjoyed. Their new single has now been released and, like some American counterparts, the band's going for a dance-rock sound that I'm totally cool with. The lyrics of Cha-Ching are lame and trying too hard to be "important," but the big chorus is there and Hoggard's voice is as strong as it's ever been. It's definitely one of their better singles. I keep waiting for these guys to break America. After all, they're huge in their native Canada. This probably isn't the song to do it, but it should be.

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