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Monday, August 10, 2009

Track-by-Track: Cobra Starship

I didn't think this group would be around this long, let alone make their catchiest album three years from their inception. A surprising triumph.

1. Nice Guys Finish Last - Borrowing from Adam Ant (woohoo!) and big band, this is probably the most unique track on the record and my choice for second single. The chanting is utterly addictive, and it's easily among the poppiest things the band has recorded. 10/10

2. Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We're Famous - I hate these long "clever" titles that have little to do with the song, but luckily the track is actually very good. It opens aggressively, but soon segues into a calmer verse and a funny, catchy chorus. 8/10

3. Good Girls Go Bad - If ever a track would propel them into superstardom, this would be it. The first single, and an excellent choice, sounds like it's produced by RedOne, though it's not. Leighton Meester adds some much-appreciated spunk to the primarily dance track. Sinfully catchy. 10/10

4. Fold Your Hands Child - This starts as straight-up synthpop before chugging into a rockier chorus. I'm especially fond of the verses here, which have an accomplished subtlety to them that's missing on some of the other tracks. 9/10

5. You're Not In On The Joke - Another possible single choice, there's an almost Michael Jackson feel to the verses--very funky. The chorus is a total singalong. If only they would have cut the odd shouty bits at the end, it would be perfect. 9/10

6. Hot Mess - The verses, again, are very interesting, with some nice vocals, but the chorus isn't quite up to snuff in my opinion. It's a little silly and can verge on annoying. Certainly not bad, but not a favorite either. 7/10

7. Living In The Sky With Diamonds - This has a very brisk, soft disco feel to it compared to the other tracks. Gone are the jokey elements in favor of more accomplished dance-rock songwriting. 8/10

8. Wet Hot American Summer - The verses on this song are flawless, with my favorite synth bits of the entire album. The chorus doesn't really meld as well with them as I would like. It almost feels like a different song. Good, certainly, but a little odd. 8/10

9. The Scene Is Dead; Long Live The Scene - One of the mellowest tracks on the album, but still uptempo. This is an absolute masterpiece. The vocals and harmonies are brilliant and the melody super-catchy. 10/10

10. Move Like You Gonna Die - Probably my least favorite track. It's one of the rockiest, and closest to classic "emo" music. 6/10

11. The World Will Never Do - Another one that's not really a favorite. It's got a laid back reggae feel to it and doesn't necessarily blend well with the rest of the album. 6/10

12. I May Be Rude But I'm The Truth - I love this track! It's a b-side on the deluxe version, but is better than most of the tracks on the album. The "Sha-na-na-na" parts in the chorus are addictive and the synth is full-on. 10/10

13. Cobras Never Say Die - A nice, synth-led track, but nothing overly special. A theme song of a sort, I guess. 7/10

Album's out tomorrow. Definitely recommended!

Album Grade: 8.3/10


Blogger Liam said...

I saw these guys live in Birmingham a couple of weeks back, the way they worked the crowd there was really something - they even got the parents at the back joining in!

I'm kind of in two minds about buying this album though, because off the back of Good Girls Gone Band I'm not liking their new style D;

4:22 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

GGGB is probably one of the poppiest tracks on the album. There's plenty for older fans to like.
To me, though, this is their best album and I love GGGB... so take that for what it's worth

7:35 PM  

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