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Monday, August 24, 2009

"Make it lust forever"

Zoot Woman's long-pushed-back album Things Are What They Used To Be (huh?) was recently released and I had a listen to it this weekend. Zoot Woman have always been on the cusp of greatness in my opinion, and the singles so far have been a nice taster to the album. As expected, there's a lot of filler, but there are definitely some gems as well. Lust Forever is one of the poppiest tracks on the album, and one of the highlights because of its catchiness. There's a great stomping glam beat that drives the entire thing, plus a singalong chorus/hook that will latch onto your memory on first listen and refuse to let go. It's actually pretty similar to what Muse are doing right now... total electronic/industrial modern glam. This is definitely the route that the band should be taking in the future.

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