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Monday, September 21, 2009

"When you're wondering where you're from you're not the only one"

Sweden's electronic duo Kite are back with their second EP, titled 2. It comes out in the middle of next month, but their label has some samples available for download. For those not in the know, one half of Kite is made up of Nicklas Stenemo, former lead singer of the Mo/bassist for Melody CLub and one of my absolute favorite vocalists/songwriters in the world. Kite has often been an indier type of group, focusing more on glitchy electronics than out an out pop music, but they did come up with the epic Ways To Dance last year. For this EP, they have at least one unabashedly poptastic track in Cannonballs. I'm not going to talk about the dubious lyrics, because the less said about them the better, but I am quite obsessed with the melody and vocals. It's not too far off from the type of stuff the Mo used to do. Throw in a bit of the Similou style of happy dancepop, and you have Cannonballs. It's guaranteed to make you feel good. I can't wait to hear the rest of the EP (though you can hear two other awesome tracks at their myspace, including first single Looking For Us, which I also highly recommend).

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