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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Track-by-Track: Dragonette - Fixin' To Thrill

Dragonette's second album was just released in Canada and Australia. I am nowhere near Australia, but do live right across the Canadian border, so I snagged myself a copy and have some early thoughts for you.

1. Fixin' To Thrill - I love the video for this song! On the record, it's one of the hardest, edgiest tracks and although it's not instantly memorable, it's a fantastic taste of what's to come. 9/10

2. Gone Too Far - This is a weird one, probably the strangest on the album. It's like an electronic hoe-down. Whether that's a good sound or not is debatable, though it's certainly interesting. Sometimes I think that the quirkiness gets in the way of melody, though. 8/10

3. Liar - My favorite track on the album, this has a poppier dance sound. The chorus is astoundingly catchy--subtle yet hard-edged at the same time. It would do wonders as a single in Sweden (is their stuff even out in Sweden?). 10/10

4. Stupid Grin - Fine uptempo stuff, it sounds a lot like their debut. The melody could use a little oomph, but this will definitely get you dancing. 8/10

5. Easy - A slower song, supported with some great, minimal electronics. It builds throughout, and the lyrics are especially nice. There's more of a melody here, which is always a plus. 9/10

6. Pick Up The Phone - Another single, I think this is the stronger of the two. The verses are truly gorgeous, as are the vocals. This is one of those stately pop songs that grows better with each listen. 10/10

7. We Rule The World - Though the 80's are obviously an inspiration throughout, this track especially sounds like it could have been on the radio beside Human League and Tears For Fears. The synths here are gorgeous. 10/10

8. Big Sunglasses - This has the same bright, dancey sound as track four, but it's better. The chorus is almost Beach Boys-esque, though twisted to fit Dragonette's style. Another winner. 10/10

9. Okay Dolore - Weird little song with one half of Tegan & Sarah on background vocals. Though still very pop, this has a bit of an indier vibe to it. Very enjoyable, nonetheless. 8/10

10. Come On Be Good - I love the melody of this, especially the bridge and the chorus. It sounds like something I've heard before, though I can't put my finger on it. Another uptempo. Very good. 9/10

11. You're A Disaster - This is the slowest song on the album and the least electronic. The melody's pretty good, but it cuts the energy right out of the record. Pretty, but my least favorite track. 6/10

12. Don't Be Funny - Another one I can kinda take or leave. It's a nice mid-tempo piece, but I feel like the melody is missing a little oomph. 7/10

Album Grade: 8.7/10


Blogger Myfizzypop said...

Great review :) I'm ashamed to say I broke down and downloaded it. However I will absolutely be purchasing it as soon as it shows up in the UK. Driving over the border to Canada is as likely as you nipping to Australia :P

10:45 PM  

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