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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adam Lambert and the Easily Offended American Folk

Before Thanksgiving break, I thought it was a good time to get out my thoughts on this whole Adam Lambert thing, seeing as I was such an ardent supporter during his Idol days and he’s now dominating the news cycle on American TV. I already posted my review of the album (it’s fantastic, by the way) and I’m very pleased to see that he’s on track to sell 200-250k this week. I am, however, sick of how easily this country gets offended.

Now, it takes a lot to offend me, and anything sexual is not gonna do it. I was not the least bit offended by Adam’s now infamous AMA performance. I did think it was somewhat lazy and unnecessarily distracting, but that’s a different story. The bottom line, like Adam said himself, is that this was a performance being aired at eleven PM on an awards show already rampant with sexuality. Children should have been in bed (it’s a school night, after all) and the offended adults should really get out more (or grow a spine) if they’re watching the AMA’s and expecting some lame Donny & Marie act.

It’s Christian Conservative America striking again, and it takes me back to 2004 and “Nipplegate” (aka the destruction of my favorite female performer’s successful career). I don’t think Janet Jackson’s ever recovered from the ire of the “family values” parents and their ilk. These people are out to destroy creativity and expression, in favor of blind allegiance and stagnancy. Lambert looks to do just fine, especially if his stunning performances on The Early Show this morning are any indication, but it’s still frustrating. Every time someone interesting comes out of the pop machine in this country (happens about once or twice a decade, if we’re lucky), Evangelicals set their sights on them, hoping to rip them to pieces before they can subvert America’s youth. I’m surprised they haven’t gone after Lady Gaga with pitchforks and fire.

At any rate, I'm thrilled that a male performer that openly nods to glam, electro and pure pop has finally burst onto the scene. And the kicker is, he’s talented as hell. It remains to be seen if there’s a vision in him to match that talent, but we’ll never know if we don’t give him a chance.

For today, an excellent bonus track from his debut album. Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!

Adam Lambert - Down The Rabbit Hole


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not just Christian rightwingers as you say. I am a child of the seventies and liberal by most accounts and am stll greatly offended by same sex displays of affection. The sight of two men kissing makes me gag.

He has ruined his so-called career, as much as any graduate of the Idol-type shows can have with that audience, and has marginalized himself.

Homosexuality is not normal. It is the result of defective genes.

4:13 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

With all due respect, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I think you seriously need to reflect on the definition of "liberal." The text of your post is anything but.

4:18 PM  
Blogger icedancer said...

I agree with Nick. I hate how everyone is making a big deal about the kiss. It is no different than two people of the opposite sex kissing. What are we teaching children these days? In theory, we want to be accepting of everyone despite differences in religion, race, and sexual orientation; yet, here we are saying it is simply "wrong." If more people are exposed to homosexuals kissing, then we as a society will get used to it and truly practice what we preach by accepting it.

The only thing I was disappointed in with the AMA performance was Adam not singing the song as well as he could have. I know he's a talented performer and singer; I saw him on the Idol tour and he was simply amazing. So, all in all, he's had better vocal performances, but the package itself for the song he chose was fantastic.

8:18 PM  
Anonymous Ark Army said...

Nobody even asked the other guy if Adam was a good kisser. Come on America, lighten up. Don't be such a prude. Absolutely No Decorum whatsoever baby....

10:15 PM  
Anonymous alex said...

But Christian Conservative America never liked Janet in the first place, did they?

Anyhow, you are too right!

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, to the person who posted the comment, "Homosexuality is not normal. It is the result of defective genes." Lets see how you feel when a child of your's or relative for that matter, turns up gay. That's a sad comment. Sigh! Grow up and accept life and all that live it.

9:11 AM  

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