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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pop Blitz

Pink - Funhouse
I've gotta say I'm happy that she finally released another uptempo single, but this is not one of her strongest. Her vocals don't mesh with such a poppy/funk track, and the lyrics in the chorus are pretty stupid. C

Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes
This has a gorgeous synth intro, but quickly becomes yet another Snow Patrol song. The difference here is the electronic atmosphere and the presence of something resembling tempo. The music is a hell of a lot better than the actually melody, though. B-

Iyaz - Replay
This sounds just like Sean Kingston. It's utterly forgettable and likely to be a one-hit wonder, but it's pleasant enough. The chorus is certainly catchy. The major problem is that it sounds like everything else. C

JLS - Everybody In Love
This could have come out in the 90's, released by Boyz II Men. If that's what these guys are going for (and judging by their X-factor performances, it is), then it's a huge success. If ever there was a template for "big boy band ballad," this would be it. Whether that's a good or bad thing, I'm not sure. B

Leona Lewis - Happy
Here's an idea: why don't we write the sonic equivalent of Bleeding Love, only not as good, and pretend it's a new song? This isn't horrible (though it's a bit plodding), but it's so lazy. C+

Amanda Jenssen - Happyland
This is an interesting hybrid, and more exciting than I expected from Amanda. Few songs are very adept at melding the past with the present, but this does a pretty good job. She sounds great and the background vocals are a nice touch. A-

Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say
This has been floating around on U.S. radio waves for awhile now, and it's allowed me to warm to it a bit. The best parts by far are the female backing vocals. The chorus is pretty good, too, but Derulo's voice is utterly uninteresting. B


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