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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vivek Shraya - I Am A Bass Drum

"The swagger in your shoulder"

Welcome back, Vivek Shraya! His last album was one of the most refreshing indie releases of 2007. Now he's back with his new one, Keys & Machines, and it's more of the same disco/electro/pop concoction. I'm a huge fan of Shraya's vocals, which on some tracks remind me of George Michael, Jake Spears and (more recently) Tommy Sparks. Not only that, but I love the simplicity and catchiness of his songs. I Am A Bass Drum was the album track that stuck with me most instantly, an aggressive anthem filled with handclaps, electronic squiggles and a whole lot of attitude. It sounds like the brother to Tommy Sparks' I'm A Rope. Both amazing pop songs.

Vivek Shraya - I Am A Bass Drum

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