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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top 20 Albums of 2009: 12-11

12. La Roux - La Roux

One of the more exciting debuts of the year, La Roux’s album has a very specific, easily recognizable sound. I would have never thought that icy synthpop would find the success it did this year, though they’ve been unable so far to break America. As evidenced by the handful of hits taken from the album, there’s plenty to love here. The non-singles are just as interesting and memorable as the ones we all know. I’m especially a fan of the ballads. Elly’s voice can at times be a bit much, but when she calms it down it’s very magical.


11. Robbie Williams - Reality Killed The Video Star

This was the perfect album to release at this point in his career. The sound’s still identifiably Robbie, but it’s also more mature and world-weary. In the hands of a lesser performer, this could have been a dreary, forgettable collection of songs, but Robbie uses that indelible charm to make the album something very special. Fusing elements from throughout his career, there’s something for everybody here. The production is lush, filled with dramatic string sections and soaring instrumentation befitting the legend that is Mr. Robbie Williams.


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Blogger Myfizzypop said...

it's possibly my favourite album of the year (Robbie) and definitely one of my faves of his career. Still can't stop listening to it at a time when i pause nearly everything for non stop christmas music...

1:38 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

I have to say I haven't listened to it in the past few weeks, but I did play it out for awhile there.

1:01 PM  
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