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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top 20 Albums of 2009: 14-13

14. Velvet - The Queen

After so many months waiting for this, the album’s more a greatest hits than a normal studio release. Velvet joins September as Sweden’s leading export of female dance pop. This is miles ahead of her debut, and one of the better club albums of the past few years. Despite being the product of production and songwriting teams, it coheres remarkably well as an album. I think the main reason is that there aren’t really any low points. All songs follow similar territory, but never seem dull because of it. There’s a lot of spirit here, in the vocals as well as the bombastic drama-filled music.


13. Moneybrother - Real Control

Moneybrother’s an artist I’ve always loved, but never quite fell in love with his albums. They were always on the cusp of greatness for me, but never memorable enough to chart very high on my countdown. He’s had some epic singles, for sure, but this was his first full-length that really connected with me. Funny, because he’s been at it awhile. Perhaps it’s because I’m generally more of a fan of the uptempo and this was easily his most uptempo record yet. Everything clicked, and although it doesn’t have a single as jaw-droopingly amazing as They’re Building Walls Around Us on it, it’s still my favorite overall album of his.


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