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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

O'Spada - Time

"Try and tie me to the ground"

I am really stuck in Sweden lately. It's no surprise, of course. They are consistently the number one producer of good music, and lately there have been a ton of great new bands emerging from the country. O'Spada have released a couple of singles, this one being their first, in anticipation of an album later this Spring. They have an insanely funky sound, sort of like Prince if Prince was a girl (big stretch, I know). Back to the 80's, for sure, but an 80's genre that hasn't been as explored in the past few years as others. This track, in particular, has larger-than-life synths and a ridiculously catchy vocal flourish throughout the verses. It's just immense, and the kind of song that's impossible to forget once you've heard it. It's perfect for the Springtime. Just pure, feel good music. Singer Julie Spada is a real discovery, especially as she ramps up towards the end. Screw Duffy and Adele and all those overrated female belters. This is where it's at.

O'Spada - Time by alienhits

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